Professional_AARON_touched_cropped interactive_sculpture_wilson_fire_beats

Aaron Wilson

Designer / Developer
Dreamer / Doer

I was the kind of kid who would take things apart just to see how they worked. I am never bored, because there is always more to learn and discover. Hobbies are cyclical, I might start a project and put it aside only to realize later in an unexpected way its now completely relevant to what I’m currently working on. I can’t draw a clear line between what I do for fun and what I do for work. I have a hyper-active imagination, but I strive to juggle multiple demands and be productive every day.


My journey in art began as a teenager creating large graffiti murals. In 2001 I attended Burning Man and it pushed me toward electronic, interactive, structural and experimental mediums. I earned a degree in Multi-Media and Broadcast Production from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2004.


A creative problem solver with a proven track record building mobile and web applications. A technically proficient software developer with multi-industry experience, specializing in design oversight, requirements gathering, new feature implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance, reporting and analytics, as well as electrical engineering.  Excels at implementing complex concepts and achieving the overall vision by utilizing up-to-date industry knowledge. Applies a wide range of languages and techniques to address key business goals.  A driven and savvy producer who manages technical projects essential to an organization’s lasting output and market competitiveness.

Recently the recipient of several grants to design, build, transport, install and operate large scale interactive art installations at various festivals around the country.